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I love eating clean and I would love to help you learn how.  It’s not as hard as you think.  The greatest part is the complete, almost unexplainable feeling that will soon come over your life as your progress through this process.

Eating clean will change your life, your workouts, your mind and you will find balance. It all starts with good nutrition.

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2 thoughts on “Ask Me A Question”

  1. Hi Shelly –

    I am a mother of 4 boys (youngest is 16 months). I generally lose all my baby weight w/in their first year of life but I’m having a hard time losing the remaining 5-7 pounds. I am 5′ and can gain muscle pretty easily. My target weight is 108-110 but I have been stuck at 115 for several months. I am active at least 3 times a week doing cardio/weight videos – insanity, bob harper, jillian micheals, interval training…etc. As far as diet – I have been eating more high lean proteins like greek yogurt, nuts, cheese, chicken protein bars (for a meal) and have been watching my calorie intake. I have been staying away from most processed foods too – not dieting but watching what I consume. I feel like my thighs have bulked up specifically and I don’t know what to do to slim them down. I want to lose the extra weight but also want my size 2 pants not to be so snug in my thighs.

    Do you have any advice? Thank you so much!!!
    Sarah Wehling

    1. Hi Sarah,

      4 boys! Wow, you are busy. I have to compliment you on all your hard work. You can get past those 5-7 pounds. My first question would be, are you eating enough? If you are going below 1300 calories, you may me holding on to those extra pounds because of this. Also, are you eating every 2-3 hours. Both will help increase your metabolism. Are you adding any strength work? This will help. Although you are doing a lot of interval training or HIIT, adding muscle will benefit you greatly. It wouldn’t take much since you build fast. Muscle burns fat and increases your metabolism. I would also really watch the cheese and the protein bars. Cheese, although a good protein source can be high in fat and hard to portion control. I only recommend protein bars when you are in a pinch and have no other choice. They really are just a somewhat healthy “candy bar”. Unless I misunderstood, and am not familiar with chicken protein bars. LOL! Increase your water intake, shoot for 100 ounces. Eat entirely clean for 3 weeks, every 2-3 hours, 40% protein, 30% carbs (only complex) and 30% good fats, no cheats and don’t kill yourself working out, but be consistent. Your body will love you for it (and your thighs).
      Please keep me posted!

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