Blogging and Why I Chose Electronic Word of Mouth

Blogging and why I chose Electronic Word of Mouth.

Joseph Dowdy is not only great at his job, but he is kind and caring. You are not just a number.  He considers you  a real person and he gives everyone he works with top priority.

I needed to start blogging to capture new leads.  New leads means more people I can help.  The more people I help the more successful I am as a Beachbody Coach which gives me great purpose and reward in my life.

I love being a Beachbody Coach and blogging has helped me reach so many more people. Joseph is very versed in linking your blog to your Team Beachbody website. However, not only can he help you if you are a Beachbody Coach, he can help you no matter what kind of blog or website you may need. From an artist to a small business owner, Joseph is your guy.  Affordable and dependable.

Please watch this video[youtube][/youtube]

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