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Featuring April’s at Nye Beach located in Newport, Oregon in the quaint and historic neighborhood called Nye Beach.

Their approach is “Simple – use the freshest seasonal ingredients to crate a healthy, delectable and memorable dining experience.”

I have to say they live up to their approach. April uses fresh produce and herbs that are picked daily at Buzzard Hill Farm. April makes her own ricotta cheese and sausage. She also uses only quality meats provided Niman Ranch and Piedmontese. She also handpicks her seafood locally.

April’s at Nye Beach is small and very intimate. Please forgive some of my photos, I find it rude to use a flash when dining in such an intimate establishment.

All dishes are “clean”; you do not have to worry about ingredients being processed. You will not find them here. Including oils, dressings and sauces.



My pick is this fantastic Caprese Salad. The fresh mozzarella is incredible. It’s light. It’s satisfying. It’s delicious. The balsamic syrup most likely contains a higher sugar content than thinner balsamic vinegars, but very little is needed.

The Roasted Beet & Gorgonzola Salad is outstanding as well. House marinated beets with roasted hazelnuts and a great vinaigrette, which can be requested on the side.

Dinner Entrees


Although all the pasta dishes are so very tempting, this article is about the “the healthiest” choices based on how I eat, which is on the lower carb side leaning towards Paleo, so please keep this in mind.

My pick is the Fresh Cut Beef. This is a beautiful Rib eye steak with a Gorgonzola brandy butter, which I ask for on the side. I sub out the potatoes for extra veggies.

Another great choice would be the Chicken Piccata. There is nothing wrong with butter.

Everyday there is a featured fresh seafood dish, so don’t forget to ask. If it were served with Pasta I would personally pass or ask to be served over veggies. Which would also be an option for most of April’s pasta dishes.

I do skip the bread, and dessert ONLY if planned. Most often when we eat world-class food in a perfect setting, the need for something sweet is forgotten. I would love to enjoy a nice glass of wine (or two) from their great wine list.

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