Chanterelle, Corn Off the Cob and Brown Rice

We are coming into a very fun time of year on the Oregon Coast.  Wild mushroom hunting!  I love Chanterelle’s and this is a great dish that I came up with years ago. Of course I have “cleaned” it up.  It is earthy and flavorful.  It pairs well with Salmon, Beef or Chicken.

Before you go hunting for mushrooms where ever you live, MAKE sure you educate yourself on safe and unsafe varieties. There are many of both. is a great resource.  You can also find guides local to your area.

Of course you can substitute Wild mushrooms for store bought mushrooms.  Don’t be afraid to try different varieties. I love Morels also.



4-6 cloves of garlic, minced

1 large sweet onion

1 tbsp Olive Oil

2-4 cups mushrooms, they cook down so don’t be afraid to use a lot.  Chop if large.

2-4 ears of sweet corn

2 cups cooked brown rice

Himalayan Salt and Pepper to taste


Cook onion and garlic in oil until soft and slightly browned.  I love a cast iron skillet for this dish.

Add mushrooms and let the liquid cook off.

There are some options with the corn depending on time and your taste preference.  You can grill the corn, let cool and cut from the cob.  You can boil the corn, let cool and cut from the cob.  And lastly you can cut the corn from the cob raw and add to the onion and garlic, cooking until done. You can also add frozen corn if fresh corn is not available. I would not recommend canned corn, too much sodium.

Add corn to the mixture and cook for a few minutes.

Add brown rice and cook until heated through and the ingredients meld together.

Serves a lot!




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