Meal Planning

I am not one to spend hours in the kitchen meal planning. I am an advocate of making MORE food than I’m already cooking so I have healthy lunches for the next day.

I was asked to be in the Shift Shop Test Group this past May, it’s a 21 Rapid Results Program and I had amazing results! I loved what happened to my body, my mindset and my meal planning! I went on to do 5 FULL rounds.

This week, I returned to my “go to” program when I need solid results in 3 weeks. You see, I’m turning the big 5 0 at the end of September and I want to look and feel my best! 21-Day Fix Extreme! 21 Days of dialed nutrition and doable but challenging 30 minute workouts. You would think after 5 rounds of the Shift Shop, the PLYO day would not destroy my legs, but it did!

I created this week’s plan, please find the recipes below. Feel free to download the photos and share.

I think you can cook up a great steak! If I don’t grill steaks, I broil them. Hi Heat, middle rack, 8-10 minutes on each side depending on thickness.

Contact me today if you have any questions or need support!

I would love to have you in my next FREE 7-Day Group! This starts off so many the right way and guess what – they stop yo-yoing, they stop starting over. Please ask to join, my next one starts on September 12th. We will eliminate sugar, white carbs, processed foods, and alcohol for 7-days. Please ask to join HERE! You will see results in just 7 Days!

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