Transformation Over 40! Learn to Eat Clean and Stay Fit!

I’m sure you are reading the title of this “Transformation Over 40! Learn to Eat Clean and Stay Fit!” and feel skeptical. Or maybe you know it could be you having a transformation but you feel so frustrated and lost? Do you struggle with weight loss or maybe you struggle with feeling good about yourself?

I’ve been going through my photos, and man, it’s just shocking to me how my health was really going down the tubes. Appearances can be deceiving. I may not look that bad to you in some of these “before” photos (although, I think I look much better now), however, I FELT so horrible. I just wanted to walk away from myself every day. Especially when I woke up with guilt and shame every Monday.
Every weekend I was overindulging. Booze and way too much food. I was eating spoonfuls of frosting in this photo it was my 40th birthday. I actually asked for canned frosting instead of a birthday cake.
Fortunately a couple years later I knew I had to make a decision or I was not going to come out of this lifestyle of self sabotage.

I’m still working on myself every damn day. I have incredible support and helping myself makes me stronger and better to help those I love.

Strong mind. Determination. Consistency. Emotional Strength. Strong Spirit. Strong Body.

My mission, my purpose is to help other ladies know that their struggles are real, but can be overcome – in any or all of these areas. Do you know any women who need help, support and guidance? Let’s do this together.

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