Do You Self-Sabotage

These 12 things may be holding you back. There is always a solution and when you are first starting, trying to tackle some of these things may just be overwhelming enough to send you over the edge. They are all-important and will take some effort, but once you get in a good groove, you will have no regrets and the sacrifice of spending time to do them will be worth it. In the long run you will actually be buying yourself more time while setting yourself up for success.

Sabotage: Your willpower flies out the window when you are faced with temptation.
Solution: Have a plan of attack!
Don’t go hungry. Have healthy choices on hand, whether you are at home, work or a social event. Watch the booze. We lose our judgment very quickly just after a half glass of wine. Before we know it, we’ve convinced ourselves that the chips are calorie free.
Tell your friends and family your healthy intentions and kindly ask them for their support by not offering you food or alcohol or sugar when you are trying to abstain.

Sabotage: You have failed before; you don’t trust yourself to be successful.
Solution: Kick these thoughts to the curb.
Not everyone is ready even if we think we are. Stop beating yourself up. Forgive your failed attempts, learn from them and let them go. Write down why you MUST live healthy not why you Should live healthy. Turn your should’s to MUST’s.

Sabotage: You have no motivation.
Solution: Short-term goals will lead to long-term success.
Do you have a wedding coming up? A big social event? Something you want to look and feel amazing for where the outcome is not attached to the scale? For me personally I have to set short term goals. I do this as often as I can. If I don’t have an event coming up, I might promise myself a fun mini shopping day so I can purchase a new pair of my favorite brand of jeans. You also might want to sign up for a 5K a couple months out. Following through with your short-term goals is an excellent practice that will lead you to your long-term goals.

Sabotage: Your joints hurt or you have pain.
Solution: Go LOW impact and modify.
It’s not easy to move when you have pain. As long as you have the doctors okay any moment is better than no movement. You can walk. You can use a stationary bike. I personally can recommend an activity to do based on your needs, what you like to do, what your goals are, what your current level of fitness is and if you have any physical limitation. There are options and the coach does not have to be one of them.

Sabotage: You only focus on exercise.
Solution: Exercise is just a small piece of the big picture.
Exercise will absolutely help you lose weight, but you are not going to get the results you are after if you are not eating properly. People who start with nutrition at the same time they start a fitness program have an extremely greater chance of still implementing both a year later after starting. I am a firm believe that 80% of your results will come from nutrition and 20% will come from fitness.

Sabotage: You go too strong and too hard when you first start.
Solution: Start slow and embrace your recovery days.
Unrealistic exceptions will derail you every time. First of all – steady wins the race, not climbing Mt. Everest. When we don’t get the results we think we should in a short amount of time, we will quit. Choose activity that you can handle mentally and physically. You have time to challenge yourself; you have time to add in harder workouts. The all or nothing mentality will sabotage you. Make sure you recover, take a rest day or an active rest day once a week. You don’t have to lie on the couch. Some gentle or restorative yoga, a walk, 20 minutes of stretching will totally do the trick.

Sabotage: You don’t have time or make time to exercise.
Solution: Find a workout that fits your schedule.
#1! You have to make exercise a priority. Make an appointment with yourself and keep it. If your evening workouts continually get interrupted you need to make a change. Trust me, it’s worth getting up earlier so nothing can keep you from working out. I know what you are thinking…. How can I possibly sacrifice more sleep? After 5-7 days of getting your morning workout in, you will go to bed earlier. This simply happens. You will sleep better too. There are many 10-30 minute workouts I can recommend for you as well.

Sabotage: You don’t enjoy working out or you think it’s boring.
Solution: Find something you love.
I am confident that you can find your soul mate workout. If your current workout feels like a chore, you are doing the wrong workout. Try something new. There are country line dance workouts, mixed martial arts, dynamic workouts based on the structure of Yoga and Pilates, boot camp workouts, soul spinning workouts. Hiking and walking clubs. There is an activity for everyone. Ask yourself – what do you really enjoy doing?

Sabotage: You think eating healthy requires a 7-figure income.
Solution: Make smart choices.
You do not have to shop at the most expensive organic stores. Organic although it’s recommended it’s not a requirement to lose weight or live healthy. Buy fruits and veggies in season. There is nothing wrong with frozen fruit and veggies. Meat can be more expensive so, lean towards eating more plant based, even just 2-3 nights per week. Please don’t fall into the trap of believing fast food is cheaper. It’s going to cost you bundles in the long run. Make an effort to cook at home. Eating out is expensive and even the healthiest choices may not be so healthy.

Sabotage: You believe healthy food does not taste good.
Solution: Clean up your favorite recipes.
I have found a solution to every favorite meal my husband and I loved. Even beef stroganoff (comment below if you want the recipe). I make cauliflower crust pizza all the time and he still does not know. I have even found replacements for chips.

Sabotage: You think you are going to be deprived and hungry.
Solution: Nutrient dense foods fill you up and leave you satisfied.
I could write a book on this topic alone. The more we feed our bodies what they need the less we are deprived and the less we have cravings. If you deprive yourself you aren’t going to be in it of the long haul. People who start working with me are always shocked when I tell them to eat more. More clean foods. Most come back and say they can’t eat all the food in my plan and they do lose weight. Quality foods win every time.

Sabotage: You don’t have time to cook.
Solution: Do simple prep, simple!
Some will tell you to plan every meal for the week ahead. Most are very successful with this. However, I refuse to spend hours in the kitchen especially if it’s nice out. When I am cooking I cook more of what I’m already cooking. This gives me steel cut oats all week. Brown rice for the week ahead. Roasted veggies and root veggies are an easy option to simply roast more. Grill 6 chicken breasts instead of 2 so you have healthy protein for lunches. Cut up veggies and fruit and store in the fridge. Check out my super easy tip to make and store a great salad.

You can overcome your sabotages! So add these solutions to your weight-loss toolbox and watch those pounds drop off, slow and steady.

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