Love What You Have Been Given

Positive self image and positive body image are not easy to embrace.
You may think this comes easy to me, but in fact it’s quite the opposite. I’ve struggled with negative self talk, poor body image and low self esteem almost my entire life.
Along with these negative and debilitating habits or traits comes a great amount of hurting ourselves to feel “accepted”. Most often leading to self sabotage, guilt and shame.
Did you know? I used to starve my self for weeks. I took diet pills – a lot of them. I stuck brushes down my throat to try and purge the food I ate (it never worked for me thankfully). I lived off coffee and jolly ranchers for about 3 weeks once, because I thought food was making me fat. I took cayenne pepper pills, I worked out for hours at a time, I cried when I tried to put on my jeans and they did not fit. I would never put my jeans in the dryer because I knew they would shrink. I took more of my prescribed thyroid pills because I though it would raise my metabolism. I had 3 liposuction consultations (but never made the appointment).
It took a long time for me to accept who I am. It is still a challenge. I’m 47 – my skin is different, my neck has wrinkles, my ass will never look as lifted as I would like, I have an incredible amount of freckles and dark spots from sun damage, I have a lot of white/grey hair, and my eye lids are sagging.
Almost my whole life now, I’ve worried about how I look and I’ve compared myself to other’s. Friends, acquaintances, magazine pictures, and women I don’t even know.
In the process I’ve learned a lot, and mostly in recent years. With every workout I gain self confidence. With every healthy meal I choose to eat, I feel better about myself. Working with hundreds of women and watching them suffer from the same issues has made me want to like myself – because I truly want them to like who they are.
Eat clean. Move. Find Joy.
Love what you have been given.
It’s never too late.


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