Is someone you love judging you?

It’s funny how people will judge you when you try something new. When you start to make positive changes. When you start having a spring in your step, when you start to share with other’s what you are excited about. They may call you “crazy”, they may find you annoying, they may tell you they love you just the way you are, so why change.

First of all your life, your wants, your desires, your goals >> it’s not about them, it’s about you.

Most often these judgements or to be more politically correct let’s call them “concerns” force people to look at themselves. If you post a healthy food photo – they may feel bad about something they just ate. If you post a workout selfie someone may feel guilty that they have not worked out. If you post a financial success, be it large or small, it may cause them to question their spending habits or the fact that they are in a miserable job. For some, it’s just triggers too much for them so they lash out in judgement and harsh unvalidated advice. Put yourself in their shoes, you most likely felt this way a time or two in your life. Patience.

I remember when I first started P90X, this was way before I ever knew or understood what being a Team BB coach even was about. My husband said to me: “you won’t be able to do this, it will be too hard for you, you will quit.” I quietly whispered “watch me” to myself (not to him). One year later he offered to turn part of our basement into my fitness room.

I remember people telling me – You are in a “pyramid scheme”, when this doesn’t “pan out” for you, what are you going to do? Hmm… I have not been sitting here for 4 years earning nothing while those above me are earning millions.

I remember someone texting me – “If I had known you would be a BB coach I would have never have chosen you as my friend or allowed you to cut my hair”. (Seriously! I saved the text).

I remember being blocked by family members on Facebook.

I remember people questioning every healthy ingredient in a recipe or Shakeology but not once question what chemicals they are consuming when they eat cheese puffs or diet soda.

I remember dwelling on people’s negative advice and comments.

I remember pulling myself out of this rabbit hole, and focusing on the goodness.

The people who I help on a daily basis, the incredible accomplishments they have everyday, watching my team grow and learn and have an strong fire in their bellies everyday driving them to THEIR goals as I give them little shoves towards their dreams.

I will never lose sight of the goodness that has entered my life in the last 4 years, the improvements that have come into my life – relationships, mental health, emotional health, marriage, how I speak to myself, confidence, how I react to stress, death, loss, finances.

Always learning, always growing, when one goal is reached > Setting another goal. Have I really become this person? Yep!

Be true to yourself, most often those that judge you will become your biggest supporters and there are many people that will soon come into your life, find you because they relate to you, they are inspired by you. You will help them see that if you can do it, they can too.

Solid and steady, stay true to you and be you!

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