Speak Your Truth, Stop Self-Sabotage and Peer Pressure

One of the most important tips I advocate is BREAKING the Self Sabotage Mode. You don’t have to abstain forever, but you do need to create some solid good habits and usually that takes 3 weekends in a row. .
Can you relate to this? You make Hard strong efforts all week and feel amazing by Friday. The weekend comes and you let it get the best of you – consuming more alcohol, which then in turns leads to possibly no exercise and poor food choices. So the scale goes back up, the 2 -3 pounds that were gone by Friday are back on and possibly 1 -2 more. You feel guilty, ashamed and most likely not on top of your game on Monday morning.

Stop Self-Sabotage

My friend is breaking her Self Sabotage Habits. She has just got through her second weekend and here is what she had to say.

She spoke her truth and defended her choices as she was being questioned by other’s.

“It is not a diet thing. For two years I have been working toward a goal! I am not there yet and this is why (pointing to someone’s beer bottle). I work hard all week and get to Friday down 2-3 pounds then drink all weekend and Monday at the same weight or plus one or two pounds. I am Tired of starting over. We sit around talking about who has hot bodies. Well I am going to have the hot body! Instead of giving me crap about not having a beer with everyone, how about congratulating me on the fact that I refrained from doing something I use to enjoy because I wanted to. My apologies if my not drinking makes anyone uncomfortable. That is not my intention!”

Peer pressure will get the best of you. You have to be strong, you have to have goals that are stronger than your want’s and desire’s.


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