Do You Struggle with Putting Yourself First?

This may be the most unselfish act you ever do.

Do you struggle with putting yourself first from time to time?

There is a reason when you are on an airplane that you are told to put your own oxygen mask on first and then assist other’s around you.

How can you help those you love if you don’t help yourself first?

And with this advice please think about this – I know you love your family. I know you want to be the very best for them. Health and fitness should be a priority in your life so you can be physically strong, emotionally strong and mentally strong for those you love.

Health, fitness, mental health and nutrition is a package deal. Being balanced in these areas allow you to be your best, to feel your best and to cope with adverse situations a whole lot better.

Playing with your kids, hiking with your husband, helping and consoling when times are tough and not self medicating with food and booze, being present, listening, shopping for healthy foods and cooking healthy foods, having the patience to not always take the path of least resistance, or always reaching for convenience.

Putting Yourself First

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