Summit 2012

I really can’t believe I will be attending my first Beachbody Summit in 4 days.  

This is a dream come true for me.  When only 6 months ago I was a Beachbody Coach and now I am qualifying for a One Star Diamond Coach!

Beachbody has given such an incredible opportunity to help others.  My own Beachbody journey has been an amazing experience and I love paying what I’ve experienced forward to help other’s. 

During the 3 full days at Summit I am fully committed to learning everything I possibly can to be a better coach, and to build a team of leaders and motivators.  

I will be taking classes on Personal Development, Social Media, Organizing my Time, and many other topics. I will bring home a wealth of knowledge to share with my team, my friends, my customers, old and new.  

I will be actively posting my Summit experience on my Facebook Timeline.  Please feel free to “friend” me!  I don’t want anyone missing out on the fun…Stay tuned!

I’m pretty certain I will even get to meet this guy:


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