Menopause and Alcohol

I’m no expert (yet) on menopause, but I’m in full swing of peri-menopause.

So what is our main objective? We can’t change it, right? It’s coming. I guess we can take hormones, but I’m not sold on that yet either, and I am doing research.

I think for me, my current objective and desired outcome is to lessen the symptoms.

Current symptom > Foggy head, not being able to focus and forgetfulness.

These symptoms are definitely worse when I consume even a small amount of alcohol. I’ll get into the sugar BS in a future post.
Its kind of a catch 22 right? When we are a hot mess, we just want to relax, chill, get out of our heads. A glass of wine will do this but only temporarily.

I know from experience the aftermath is worse than the 2 hours of relief the wine might give me.

I don’t sleep as well. I will wake up and not get back to sleep, while the worst negative thoughts and guilt run through my head. I have more internal heat. And the next day is a shit show as far as my concentration goes.

This happens to me simply with just one glass of one – yep, just one. And on top of it all – I feel completely inflamed and bloated the next day.

Is it worth it? Not to me.

Alcohol-free – I sleep like a baby. I’m clear in my thoughts, I’m organized, I’m productive. I’m not bloated or inflamed and I kill my workouts!

Alcohol is not our friend. Does it mean we have to completely abstain? Well, that is a personal decision, but I sure plan for my indulgences now and have a long talk with myself about how I’m going to feel the next day. The negative associations are way stronger than the positive.

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