The secret to weight loss success…

The secret to weight loss success…

1. Set small goals – 30 pounds may seem overwhelming. Rather set a goal to workout 6 days per week for the next 2 weeks.

2. Track your progress. A rest day can turn into a rest week if you aren’t careful. Find a fitness app to log your workouts. I personally love my Apple Watch Tracker and my 21 Day Fix Container Tracker (helps me track workouts too). I also LOVE my team’s accountability app! Ask me if you want to join. ???? I love looking back and seeing my progress, it’s empowering and keeps me from skipping workouts.

3. Find a buddy!! A friend! A family member. If you don’t have anyone who’s willing to work on their health right now – Find a coach! I buddy up with a lot of the people I work with. I’m not just their coach, I’m walking side by side with them, working out and eating good right along with them.

4. Find an online tribe! My support groups are incredible and where the true magic happens. 95% of us have never met in person but we share, we care, we encourage, we motivate and we share not only our best practices but also our biggest struggles. The support is off the charts profound!

5. Go public with your progress! Yes! Don’t be shy. Social media platforms and blogging is a very effective strategy for accountability. When you have 100’s of people watching and keeping tabs on your progress you stay in the game – believe me. ???? Share and share – recipes, workouts, tips, non-scale victories! It all matters! And you just might inspire someone else!

6. Be your own cheerleader! It’s not boastful to pat yourself on the back. It does not mean you are ego driven. Being proud of yourself and celebrating your successes is smart. Hold yourself accountable!

Accountability — that comes from within, from others, and from you giving to others — is the secret to successful weight loss. It drives you to practice all of the small daily choices, such as eating an apple instead of a cookie or taking the stairs instead of the elevator, that eventually add up to the consistent behaviors that result in a leaner, healthier you. Keep practicing these consistent habits until they stop feeling like conscious choices and start feeling like preferences, and you won’t be tempted to digress to the old ways that contributed to your weight.

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