Get In One of My Challenge Groups Today!

Are you ready to make a huge life change for the positive? Are you ready to change your bad habits into good habits?  Are you ready to find balance? Are you ready to love yourself again? Do you need some accountability?

Every month I start a 90 day Challenge Group.  The group is created on Facebook.  It consists of no more than 15 women.  It is a private group that only members have access to and see posts, informations and comments.  It is perfectly safe.

As your coach I give you information, a lot of information.  I help you eat clean, exercise, and find balance.  I help you log your food and activity.  I help you set goals and achieve those goals.  I am there for you every step of the way.  I will not give up on you!

The graduates of my Challenge Groups have incredible results.  For the first time in their lives they find success with weight loss and exercise.  They do not starve.  I do not advocate extremeness on any level.  The ages vary from people in their 20’s to 70’s.  The most active posters and encouragers within the groups have the best results.

I would love to help YOU with your goals and your dreams.  Please contact me for more details. 90 days from now you’ll wish you’d started!



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