It’s easy to stay on track during the week for most of us. So, what is the difference between being home and the work week? I would say routine.

Weekends arrive, social events are scheduled. We are exposed to the habits of those we live with who may have a whole different idea of when and what we eat. We are caretakers so we accommodate.

Monday comes and we start all over again. Feeling guilty about choices we made over the weekend. Ready for a fresh start to a new week. Friday comes and we feel great about the last 4-5 days. Friday night arrives and boom back into the battle of what we really want for ourselves and pleasing others or too much exposure to food and beverages we don’t want or need.

Life happens and we all want to embrace the good times with friends and family. It’s fun, it’s good for our souls to engage in making memories with those we love and care about. We can do this without sabotaging all of our efforts during the week.

I did this back and forth thing for so long. Awesome week, awful weekend. Over and over. I finally had to have a long talk with myself. I came to this conclusion. I was tired of the constant battle. I learned that when I drink I lose my inhibitions and I would eat things I did not need. I could justify anything after one glass of wine. I would robotically graze, not even thinking about the calories I was consuming. I had to break the cycle. I realized how hard I workout. I realized how much effort I put into logging, learning about food, cooking healthy meals, grocery shopping, planning, and researching. Why would I spend so much time and put so much importance on being healthy and then dump all those hard efforts down the drain in one weekend. Anything I had gained or lost during the week was sabotaged by my poor weekend choices.

I broke the cycle. It was the one thing that was keeping me from progressing. I changed my habits. Guess what? I still have a social life, I can still enjoy a nice dinner out without alcohol. I plan for the times I want to enjoy a nice glass of wine or two. Breaking this cycle was one of the best gifts I have ever given myself. It made me stronger. I found that I do have willpower.

The difference between successful people and those who aren’t is habits. In every dimension of your lives, your job, your relationships, your finances, your health. Habits.

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  1. I totally agree. It’s so hard to stay on track over the weekend. I may eat clean but definitely not enough. While sitting at my desk I have my water that I drink throughout the day and my clock to remind me when it’s time eat again. So I stay on track w/my 5 meals daily. I pack a cooler for work and on the weekends I should probably do the same.

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