Keeping It Simple

It’s not easy to be dedicated to a healthy lifestyle, to stay consistently committed. To form good habits that were once bad. Life is constantly throwing obstacles at us. Whether you have 100 pounds to lose or 10, whether you are training for a 10K or a competition that requires you to throw yourself out there and be judged on a stage.
What has been working for me may not work for you. Each of us has to find our own path. I had to have a clear vision of what I wanted for myself. I had to set goals, take pictures, log my food, ask questions, read, research and I had to be organized. I had to forgive myself when I had a setback and trust myself that I would get right back into my new good habits. I had to look to others to find inspiration and motivation.
It has been paying off for me.  Seventeen months into a strong well thought out program of eating clean and working out.
I am in a maintenance mode at this point with weight. I am fine tuning certain areas of my body that need work. I have to pinch myself from time to time because it’s working and it’s hard to believe I can maintain the goals I have accomplished. Trust…
My long term goal is not to compete on stage, or run a marathon. My long term goal is to remain in a healthy lifestyle of eating and exercise. Keeping my weight below a certain number is only part of it. Staying focused, organized, and clear headed is a huge part of it.
I want to remain at this place for the next three months. and three months after that, and three months after that. It’s that simple.


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