Not Just for Your Birthday, Give Yourself the Gift of Health Everyday

Today is my birthday. I am 45.  When I turned 40 I somewhat went into the fetal position. I believed where I was at with my fitness level on that day was as good as it was going to get. I was working out and eating good (so I thought).  I concvinced myself that the days of having nice abs or defined arms were over. I hated being older, seeing new lines on my face everyday, watching my skin get somewhat like crepe paper, and spots from too much sun exposure. I could go on and on about the sparkly white hair that was showing up faster than the speed of light at my scalp. I had been patiently waiting for the wisdom and the self -acceptance that other women much wiser than myself told me would come with age. This was not knocking on my door. I am a few years older than my husband and this bothered me also. Needless to say, I just picked myself up, made some beef stroganoff and had a glass (or two) of wine.  I then moved on.

Fast forward to age 43.  I started reading and learning about eating clean. I tried recipes. I found a grocery list. I made strong connections with people who had already been on the same path for sometime. In my deepest, deepest core, I knew this was right. I knew this was not a fad. I did not set out to have my “dream body”, I just simply wanted to eat healthier. I also chose to do Chalean X .

To my amazement 6 weeks into Chalean Extreme I lost 15 pounds and about 10% body fat. It was the perfect combination for me and for many women I have helped. Eating clean, low carb, lots of veggies and following the 90 day schedule provided by Chalean Extreme. I found my niche, I went on to do 3 complete 90 day rounds. I never got bored, not once. I also replaced breakfast daily with Shakeology and still do.

So here I am today.  45 years old and just completed  90 days of The Body Beast.  This program includes a lot of weight lifting and is intended to add bulk.  I’m ready for another round,  I loved it so much. Muscles are the fountain of youth!

The self acceptance has come, some of the wisdom also. I have found a great sense of balance in my life and I use this to help other’s find health, fitness and their own balance. You are never too old, or too out of shape to start. I have embraced this number I’ve reached. I feel better than I ever have as far back as I can remember. I am in the best shape of my life. I am confident, focused, organized and happy. I smile a lot and I’m a nicer person.

In summary, whether it’s your birthday or not, it’s always the perfect time to give yourself the gift of health. I can help you achieve the life you want.  I can help you get healthy.  I can help you feel better and I can help you figure out what to eat without confusing or overwhelming you. I have simple methods and simple recipes. There is one thing I know for sure, you can not exercise your way out of a bad diet!

Please contact me, let’s get started today!


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