Patience, It’s Another Part of Your Weight Loss Process

Patience, It’s Another Part of Your Weight Loss Process

So, I read something that Chalene Johnson wrote the other day and I’ve been thinking about it ever since.

“If you’ve cleaned up your diet, added weight lifting, regular cardio, reduced your stress, you’re stretching, eating whole foods, drinking tons of water and getting plenty of rest … Well then the only thing missing is PATIENCE.”

Patience is part of the process
Patience is part of the process

None of us are made alike. We all see results at different times, but we all at sometime wish we were getting faster results. We start to lose patience, or we have had a hard time finding patience right off the bat.

Trusting that this formula or lifestyle is working is sometimes the hardest part. If you give it a chance, just once you will understand. What have you got to lose? What else up to this point has really worked for you? For me, this is the only thing that has worked for me. Worked for me longterm. Not feeling deprived or struggling just to maintain. It’s because it’s a lifestyle and I had the patience and trust to allow it to happen.

I’m over 2 years into this. I don’t think about eating junk anymore. It’s just not a part of my thought process. I have struggled with sugar, but I don’t want to any longer, so I’m working hard to overcome it. I’m also seeing incredible results since I’ve eliminated it which helps me with patience because I expected results in a week, but it’s been almost 6, with one indulgence at week 3.

What I know is, results do not happen overnight, not for one person. I found myself bouncing around a lot when I would change something in my nutrition or fitness if I was hitting a plateau. So, I would change my macro’s up a bit and when I didn’t see progress in a week I would change my macro’s again. Never giving anything a chance to work. I did not have patience. But I have it now, 6 weeks in without added sugar, honey, agave, and even fruit because it will trigger me, I’m seeing results and it was not until very recent.

It’s not just about food either, the same can happen with fitness. Especially with Beachbody programs. There is a reason each program is designed to be done in a specific time frame, why there is a schedule, why that schedule changes every 30 days and why there is a specific nutritional guide provided for each program, they are program specific to give you optimum results. A lot of people don’t see results until week 6 or 7 in P90X, most won’t finish because they didn’t have the patience to wait for results.

Please take a moment, and if you are struggling with patience, try to change your mindset. It will happen.

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